Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Crazy Love

By Kelly

The holidays make people crazy.

Case in point: Me. I’m thinking about getting a dog for Christmas.

It’s not an impulsive decision. My husband and I have been thinking about this for years. We haven’t had a pet since our oldest was born. But during our double-income-no-kids years, we owned six dogs and one (spiteful) cat, so we know. We know. This is not a step into the abyss of the unknown.

But Natalie, our seven-year-old, came out of the womb asking for a pet. Her love for animals borderlines obsession. My youngest brother used to have a tiny pug named Trixie*. Whenever Trixie would come to our house for a visit, Natalie would focus in on that puppy with laser-beam concentration. Eventually, Trixie would end up hiding under a large piece of furniture – in an attempt to get away from all the togetherness – while Natalie laid on her stomach next to the furniture, peered into the darkness and cooed, “Hi Trixie. Hi. I see you under there. Yes I do. Did you think you could hide from me? I see you Trixie.”

Natalie was Bob to Trixie’s Dr. Leo Marvin.

Given that sort of pedigree, we’ve always known a pet was in our family future. It’s just a matter of timing.

And I can’t shake the feeling that the time is now. Even though we live in a townhouse without a yard. Even though it’s the middle of winter. (And our high yesterday was 4.) Even though we have a 11-month-old who’s walking and chattering and into trouble every waking moment of my day. Because when is life ever perfect? When do the stars ever align? If I keep putting off joy - for Natalie, for our family, maybe even for me - won't I regret it?

I'm ready. My husband is ready. Natalie is more than ready.

So I’ll ask. Am I crazy? Or is it love?

*Trixie was not the dog's real name. It was Booty. But if I told you that in the middle of my story, you would have been too distracted by all the snickering to continue.

**Also, I feel you should know that I successfully resisted the strong urge I had to title this post "Who Put The Dogs Out." You're welcome. Merry Christmas.

Kelly also blog at Love Well, although lately, she's been a bit too preoccupied with Petfinder to write much.


  1. Um... I'm voting for crazy. But that's just me. I've managed to avoid a dog for 11 years of marriage. First because we lived in apartments. Now because I refuse to deal with training a puppy while I am training babies/toddlers. We have the yard for a dog but my hubby likes German Shepherds and here in RI dogs have to be inside during the winter because of the cold. Me, 4 kids, and a big dog. Inside a 1200 sq. foot house. All winter. No thanks!

    Btw, good call to change the dogs name! I never would have made it through the story.

  2. I don't think you're crazy for wanting to add a family dog. But...if you are getting a puppy, you may want to wait until spring or housebreaking could be a nightmare. Good luck with your decision!

    We've had two pugs, neither turned out to be the right fit for our family because of their hyper nature. If we ever decide on another dog (years from now) we'll go with a lab.

  3. Sorry, I got all sidetracked by Bob and Dr. Leo Marvin. Quite possibly one of the most hilarious movies in existence.

  4. Your not crazy for wanting a dog, dogs make great pets. I guess it all depands on how much time and patience you have. I would wait for warmer weather, it's easier for training ( you won't have to stand out in the cold ;)

  5. Our first baby was a black lab. She's 9.5 now. We lived with her and three little girls in our townhouse in Utah (cold, snowy, winters). She is a vital member of our family and all the girls (4 now) love her dearly. Don't worry a dog will fit in.

  6. Can't wait to get this! I can feel a faux sick day coming so I can stay home from College and mess around playing this.