Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Love, True Love

By Kelly

With apologies to Paul and the real 1 Corinthians 13.

My children were on time to school today. But if listened more closely to “Morning Edition” than their stories during the drive, I am just a chauffeur.

My house is in order, and the kitchen floor is mostly crumb free. But if I don’t see the blessing in the ministry of the mundane, I am just a maid.

There’s a pot of beef bourguignon simmering in the oven for dinner. But if I didn’t make it with a heart full of thankfulness for the bounty God has provided, I am just a chef.

Love is unwearied, even when the baby doesn’t nap for the third day in a row.
Love is compassionate, even when that paper cut doesn’t really need five Band-Aids.
It doesn’t grow bitter when the spouse gets to go on another business trip and stay in a hotel and sleep all night and eat in nice restaurants, while she stays home with the kids and eats chicken nuggets for dinner. It rejoices in the blessings of another.
Love is joyful and expectant.
Love lives every day with eyes wide open to God possibilities.
Love seeks to see her children and husband as God sees them.
Love rests in the knowledge that God is the author of her story.
Love orders her day in light of eternity.

True love doesn’t come from Hallmark or the candy store or the florist. True love isn’t the work of romantic evenings with my husband or long talks over coffee.

True love comes from God.

Lord, teach me to love.

Kelly also blogs, ironically enough, at Love Well.


  1. So well said. More practical than Paul's version, but definitely as unattainable...

  2. So well said. I am very slowly starting to see a glimpse of some of this. So many things are up in the air and complicated, but the truth of the matter is I am blessed beyond belief.

  3. That is beautiful and yet leaves me feeling completely inadequate.

  4. wow, wow, wow. Speakin' the truth, lady. Speakin' the truth!

  5. "Love is compassionate, even when that paper cut doesn’t really need five Band-Aids."

    I have lost my compassion the past few days...I didn't realize it until I read this post.

    I need it back. Thanks :)

  6. That's gorgeous, Kelly. You did Paul proud.

  7. Wow- thanks for this post- it is so true! I really needed this reminder about love today. :)

  8. Medieval torture devices....

    Medieval torture devices....