Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Brotherly Love

By Kelly

I carry the baby from the bathroom. She’s wrapped in a hooded towel like a plump, wet burrito.

Her brother, wrapped in his own towel combo, trails behind and makes the following announcement about his sister.

“Mom, tomorrow night, I’m going to marry Teyla.”

I pause. It’s true that my family tree can be traced back to Kentucky. (In which case the tree is a wreath, ha, ha.) But I still didn’t see this coming.

(Not to mention I haven’t sent invitations.)

“Well buddy,” I say as I dry off the squirming bride-to-be, “you don’t usually marry someone from your family.”

He frowns.

“In fact, in some states, it’s against the law to marry your brother or sister,” I add solemnly, the weight of the United States government on my side.

“Hmmm,” he says doubtfully.

I feel compelled to add evidence to my case.

“Dad’s not my brother, you know. He wasn’t in my family when I was a little girl.”

Connor chuckles, still unsure that I’m telling the truth. After all, from what he can tell, Corey and I have been related forever. Why shouldn’t we have grown up side by side, fighting and laughing and playing together since the beginning of time?

“Mo-om,” he says, and he rolls his eyes and shakes his head and walks away with all the dignity of a near naked five-year-old.

In lieu of gifts, please send money for counseling.

Kelly also blogs at Love Well -- which takes on a whole new meaning in light of this post.


  1. Look at the bright side -- all the family heirlooms will stay in the family.

  2. When the twins were about 3, Ilsa rushed downstairs to the kitchen one day. "Mom!" she announced breathlessly. "I just got married!" Who to? I asked. "Abel, of course!" (her twin brother.

    They've outgrown it. But I'd still put aside any spare change for future counseling. ;)